Past Presidents Rotary Club am Kap
Winfried Spanaus - 2024/2025
Rotary Motto: "The Magic of Rotary"
Michael Zipp - 2023/2024
Rotary Motto: "Create Hope in the World"
Christoph Bäumer, Michael Zipp - 2022 2023 
Rotary Motto: "Imagine Rotary"
Anneliese Brandt, Mechtild Braxmaier - 2021/2022
Rotary Motto: "Serve to Change Lives"
Heidi Brown- Koelble, Martin Kottmann, Michael Schroeder, Friedrich Schaefer - 2020/2021  
Rotary Motto: "Rotary Opens Opportunities"
 Johannes Kraus - 2019/2020
 Rotary Motto: "Rotary Connects the World"
Carole Armstrong-Hooper - 2019
Rotary Motto: "Be the Inspiration"
Edzard Reblin - 2018
Rotary Motto: "Be the Inspiration"
Carole Armstrong-Hooper - 2017/2018
Rotary Motto: "Making a Difference"
Friedrich Schaefer - 2016/2017
Rotary Motto: "Rotary Serving Humanity"
Heidi Brown-Koelble - 2015/2016
Rotary Motto: "Be a Gift to the World"


Michael Zipp - 2014/2015
Rotary Motto: "Light up Rotary"


Mechtild Braxmaier - 2013/2014
Rotary Motto: "Engage Rotary, Change Lives"


Mike Schröder - 2012/2013
Rotary Motto: "Peace through Service"
Friedrich Schäfer- 2011/2012
Rotary Motto: "Reach within to Embrace Humanity"


Gordana McNamara - 2010/2011
Rotary Motto: "Building Communities - Bridging Continents"
Martin Kottmann - Charter-Präsident 2009/2010
Rotary Motto: "The Future of Rotary is in Your Hands"