Touching “Buy No Rhino” initiative by Vanessa and Vicky

img_2554This week Vanessa “Ness” presented her “Buy No Rhino” initiative with a very interesting, but also touching presentation.

In 2015, Ness and Vicky went on a months-long cycling tour starting in Hong Kong, leading through seven South East Asian countries such as China, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia to Singapore. The main reason was to create awareness of the fact that Rhino horns have no medical impact or it’s consumption should not be perceived as a pure status symbol, since rhinos simply die for this unnecessary usage. Vietnam, China and Thailand are the main consumer markets driving the demand for rhino horn. Especially in those countries Vicky and Ness wanted to reach the people. To achieve this goal, they mainly addressed this by talking to children and schools on their trip, showing photos and videos of Rhinos in real beautiful nature but also shocking Rhino Poaching fotos, as these kids then may take this message of “buy no rhino” back to their parents.

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Thank you Vanessa for this highly interesting presentation and your efforts to protect these lovely animals!

More information may be found under their website www.buynorhino.co.za

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