Anton Lubowski Educational Fund, Nadia Lubowski

20131121_192808_1On Thursday, 21.11.2013, Nadia Lubowski, daughter of late political activist, Anton Lubowski, informed us about her pre-school projects through her fathers trust in Philippi, Cape Town.

Further we had the privilege to welcome guests from Vienna and Graz in Austria and Canada.

The Anton Lubowski Educational Trust

The Anton Lubowski Educational Trust is founded on the idea that the community in which it works needs to be involved in the educational process from the very beginning. The Trust is engaging with stakeholders and addresses various issues to get to point where all the parties concerned are working together.

The Anton Lubowski Educational Trust is a registered Non-Profit Organisation in Cape Town, South Africa. The Trust was established in 2007 and focuses on education, particularly for younger children in poor areas. In 2008 Archbishop Desmond Tutu accepted the invitation to become patron of the Trust.

The most significant years of a child’s education are at a very early age. This is the time to lay a firm groundwork of basic reading and numeracy.

For more info, please visit their facebook site.

Johannes Kraus, Rotarian

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