Rotary DSK Students going to Germany

A short while ago, Rotary Club of Germering and Rotary Club am Kap agreed to help two DSK-German International School Cape Town students with their request to study in Germany. Please read the letter of appreciation written by Azande Centane & Benguita Bengue.

“We would like to thank the Rotary Club for giving us the opportunity to be able to engage with other forms of education and cultural activities.

We are extremely pleased to have received your financial help. Gratefully to you, we now have the possibility to embark on a new journey in our lives. Without your gracious assistance we would not have this splendid platform required to spread our wings and fly. Your contribution is a great source of motivation and has opened endless doors for us. We are very impressed with the way that you’ve opened your hearts to us although you’ve never had the chance to meet us personally.

We promise to behave in a respectful manner and represent ourselves well. We will utilise this opportunity to showcase our capabilities and willingly grasp it with both hands.

We are proud to be recipients of this generous donation.

Best regards
Benguita Bengue and Azande Centane”


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