Rotary Dictionaries Handover

Bardale Primary School is situated in the Mfuleni area. This township school is housed in temporary classrooms and accommodated just under 1300 learners, from grade R to grade 7. Most of the learners who attend this school live in shack surrounding the school. The school is registered as a “no-fee” school and therefore the only source of income is the allocation the department grants for annum, which is just on a million rands and then by donations they receive. Thus, the donation of the 40 dictionaries that were donated allows them to save the expenditure of purchasing dictionaries, a highly sought after resource since the children must learn in English from grade 4 upwards. The school is totally responsible for running itself, other than the teacher’s salaries. All learning support material must be bought from the funds granted by WCED. The school is also responsible for the entire running cost of the school – rates, water electricity, photo-copies etc. As you can see, a million rand is not a large amount of money to run a school of this size. So to you and your donors, thank you so much for the kindness shown to this very needy school. Your generosity is much appreciated and will be highly valued at all times.

Clinton Spencer
IMG Manager
Metro North Education District
Rotary Dictionary Handover


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