Rotary Club Camp (RYLA Camp)

During the September holidays I was invited to a camp sponsored by the Rotary Club “am Kap” via my school, the German International School Cape Town. I was there for four nights and five days. At the campsite in Franschhoek we did many activities from the morning onwards. We would wake up and do morning exercises then later do challenges which would make or break us and mould us into the leaders we were meant to be. The hardest activity throughout the whole camp was done on the last day. It forced us as a group to depend on one another. It was incredible! The people we thought would never be there for you did just that, be there for you. All the leaders were nice and approachable. They really tried to accommodate us as best as possible. It was a camp that I won’t and don’t want to forget. Other than all that was good and lovely, I have but one complaint. The transport to and from the camp was not well organized and I had to pay for my taxi. Other than that the camp was fantastic.

Thank you

Babalwa Dingiswayo, Grade 10, German International School Cape Town

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