Madame Zingara

Oh the thrill of the Circus, the lights, the music, the excitement and of course the company.
We met at one of the outside tents and mingled with visitors and performers, largely indistinguishable as many ticket holders had gone to town and dressed the part.

Burlesque was the theme of the evening and extravagant the decoration as we entered the main tent and took up our places at 2 pre-booked tables close to the small round stage where it was all going to happen. Indeed before our very eyes clowns, acrobats and contortionists amazed us and the three tons of fun ( weren’t there four of them) entertained us with their voices.

Waiters took orders and amazingly all were served in quick succession, with the correct dish which I believe all agreed was well presented and very tasty. Wine, beer and bubbly was in full flow and assisted the otherwise shy in taking to the dance floor to bob along to the disco sounds that filled the breaks in the performance.

No one left before the witching hour. It was a fantastic fellowship evening (a lovely way to spend Carole’s birthday) and grateful thanks to Heidi for the organisation and a brilliant idea.

Michael Zipp, RC am Kap

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