Tradional Chinese Medicine, Dr. Thomas Jahn

speaker jahn_1Qigong is thought to have originated as a form of “remedy dancing” created for healing and health preservation purposes in China. Its history dates back to about 5000 years. On July 28, we had the pleasure of having Thomas Jahn, a traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) practitioner who is also a Qigong master, as our speaker. Thomas studied TCM in Japan, the United States and China. He speaks and writes fluent Chinese. Apart from having his own clinic in Cape Town, he also treats patients in a provincial hospital outside of Cape Town. Thomas also offers Qigong lessons along with instruction in internal style martial arts. Thomas gave us a brief introduction on Qigong and drew our attention to two important aspects of healthy being – breathe deeply to provide enough oxygen and have correct posture to counter the harmful effect of gravity on our body and organs. After the talk and demonstration, we realized that being more conscious of how we breathe, walk, stand and sit can help us avoid serious health problems common in our modern society.

Jenny Chuk-Battenberg



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