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Visit of 9350 District Governor Ian Pursch

It was a very great pleasure for our Rotary Club am Kap to welcome and host 9350 District Governor Ian Pursch during our weekly meeting on 10 November 2016.



The afternoon started with an internal business review meeting in which the Board of Rotary Club am Kap presented the Club itself with focus to our signature Projects – the Hangberg Pre-School as… Continue reading

Rotary International- New Website

Rotary International has launched its new website along with a new Rotary logo and corporate identity. Go and check it out: http://www.rotary.org/

2013/14 Engage Rotary, Change Lives

The Rotary club meeting you walk into today might, at first glance, seem very different from the weekly meetings of 50 years ago. And if you could pay a visit to every one of Rotary’s 34,000 clubs, you’d see men and women from all different backgrounds, speaking just about every one of the world’s lan uages, involved in service projects from the local to the… Continue reading

2012/13 Peace Through Service

The concept of peace is one that differs among people and cultures. It may mean personal tranquility, happiness in the family, and a sense of inner contentment — or it may mean a situation of safety where basic human needs are met. However we define peace, it is a goal that can be achieved through service.

In Rotary, service is much more than a sideline… Continue reading

2011/12 Reach within to embrace humanity

In 2011-12, I ask Rotarians to Reach Within to Embrace Humanity.

I ask you to look within yourselves, to understand that all of humanity has the same dreams, similar hopes, the same aspirations and similar problems. Whoever we are and wherever we live, each of us yearns for the same peace and contentment and for the same fulfillment in our daily lives. What we work… Continue reading

2010/11 Building Communities – Bridging Continents

After taking the stage to the tune of “California, Here I Come,” RI President-elect Ray Klinginsmith announced the 2010-11 RI theme, Building Communities — Bridging Continents, during the opening plenary session of the 2010 International Assembly .

Klinginsmith said he arrived at the theme after reviewing RI themes of years past. He noticed that only a few spoke to non-Rotarians.

“As a result, I decided… Continue reading

2009/10 The Future of Rotary is in your hands

With over a century of successful Rotary service, we are proud to be confident of a future in which generation after generation of Rotarians will bring hope to those in  need and peace to a world full of conflict. We see ourselves as part of a great Rotary tradition, as links in a chain joining our future to our past. 

If that chain… Continue reading

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