Books “Tales by Roohi” distributed

20140306_103910_1Roohi Shah, a native of Kenya, has collected an anthology of African tales and legends during her stay in South Africa. Her aim with this collection of African tales ‘Tales by Roohi’, is to teach children of Africa about their culture, history and value systems in a way that only stories such as ‘How the ostrich lost his fire’ can do.

From the proceeds of the sales of this collection she hopes to fund the sales of books to underprivileged schools.

Am Kap Rotarian, Johannes Kraus, heard of the project and organized two fundraiser evenings of Doppelkopf, a card game originating in Germany. With the funds from these evenings and additional Club funds, Rotary Club Am Kap was able to buy 250 books. These have been distributed to schools where there is a great need for reading material of this kind, to name but a few, Capricorn Park, in Muizenberg, Bardale in Mfuleni, Claremont Primary and 2 schools in Mowbray.

The book has been a huge success with children who have been known to disrupt a library class sitting glued to their seats, enraptured by their heritage.

Anneliese Brandt, Rotarian

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