The Art of Tea, Gert Tuppinger

On 24. April 2014, Mr Gert Tuppinger from the company Ronnefeldt gave us an interesting speech on the different kind of teas and the regions they are grown in. It was new to me that  only the green tea and the so called black tea are truly “teas” the rest, even our own Rooibos are really “ Infusions”. Well I suppose the French always knew that!

From Darjeeling, the Champagne of the teas to the strong Irish Breakfast Assam and the more delicate English Ceylon Tea all were represented. Our members and guests tried also the Infusions and learnt how important the brewing time is. Ronnefeld take their business very seriously and it was also highlighted that they build and run schools for the children of the employees of the villages & suppliers with whom they maintain tight contact & quality controls.

Carole Armstrong-Hooper, Rotarian


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