2012/13 Mike Schroeder

mike_neuMy dear fellow Rotarians,

Thank you so much for the beautiful glasses that I received at Mechtild’s induction dinner last week! I will surely cherish them and enjoy my finest Chenin from them on very special occasions. 

2012/3 was a joyful and exciting year for RC am Kap. We worked very hard as a team and our efforts were rewarded first and foremost by the successes we had in our fund raising activities. This allowed us to continue with so many of our educational projects.

I appreciate the tremendous support from all of you over the past 12 months, especially from my fellow directors of the board.  In terms of Rotary’s motto of “Service above Self”, you guys absolutely rock!!  I feel very proud and consider myself lucky to have such a fantastic group of friends! 

Best regards
Past President
Mike Schröder
July 2013

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